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Bernie Worrell

Elevation: The Upper Air


Bernie Worrell solo piano


BERNIE WORRELL - keyboard legend, founding member and essential collaborator/composer/arranger in George Clinton's Parliament/Funkadelic, has worked with an extremely diverse array of artists, the amount of which is practically inconceivable -Talking Heads, Bootsy Collins, The Rolling Stones, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Black Uhuru, Fela Kuti, Burning Spear, Pharoah Sanders, Buddy Guy, Sly & the Family Stone, Mos Def, Albert King, Sly & Robbie and so many more. Without a doubt, the most influential and defnitely the most emulated and copied electronic keyboardist in modern music. His synthesizer work totally defned 80's and 90's West Coast Hip Hop and can still be clearly recognized in the pop hits of today. ELEVATION is his first solo acoustic creation. Intimate, personal, atmospheric and touching, a humble statement which is both vulnerable and surprisingly child-like at moments. This is clearly the most unexpected and uniquely unusual contribution from this musical icon to date. Songs and themes (some recognizable... some as dreams) will appear as flashbacks and memories, some conscious, some subconscious. Based upon simple themes by John Coltrane, Joe Zawinul, Bob Marley, Carlos Santana, Charles Mingus and others. With delicate impressions of classic soul music from his own history and three original ambient soundscapes, delivered with a strikingly minimalist touch.

This Music has to be felt, not analyzed , compared, judged or even listened to. It exists in the distance... past and future. Produced by legendary ikonoklast, Bill Laswell, with original artwork by Japan's modern master - Shinro Otake.

In a Silent Way
I'd Rather Be With You
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
Light On Water
Ooh Child
Samba Pa Ti
Realm of Site
I Wanna Go Outside In the Rain
Redemption Song