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Digital: 26 June 2012; CD: late 2012

Michael Hailu, Bill Laswell, Dominic James, Steven Bernstein, Peter Apfelbaum, Adam Rudolph, Rob Burger


An Ethiopian rock explosion. Traditional melodies, massive bass and drum polyrhythms, metal guitar assault, soaring vocals, dense electronic textures. A devastating energy blast. So far, there has been nothing this powerful and versatile that will most likely come to be associated with so called ''World music''. African Futurism at it's most liberated and intense. With a hard rock element unheard until now in Ethiopian music.

M.O.D. Technologies is proud to present the debut album from this group of young Ethiopian rockers. In 2011, Bill Laswell and crew trekked to Addis Ababa, where they built a brand new recording studio which will serve as a base in Ethiopia. The result of the very first recording sessions (before the mortar was even dry!) is this release. Led by 23 year old guitarist Michael Hailu (who is currently Teddy Afro's musical director and is resposible for writing or co-writing 9 of the tracks on Afro's recent album) and supplimented back at Orange Music by M.O.D. stalwarts like Dominic James, Peter Apfelbaum and Steven Bernstein (along with Rob Burger and Adam Rudolph) the 10 tracks on this album are nothing like you've heard before.

THIS is 'world music'.

THIS is authenticity without the radio-friendly watering down that Western pop-stars love so much when they become 'world musicians'.

THIS is Jano.