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Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrell, DJ Krush, Dr. Israel, Guy Licata, Toshinori Kondo, Aiyb Dieng, Rob Burger, Graham Haynes

METHOD OF DEFIANCE: NAHARIAMA - FOURTH COLUMN...The second instrumental ofering from Method Of Defiance, Bill Laswell's international music collective of interchangeable columns. The first release "Incunabula" featured guest artists - jazz legend, Herbie Hancock and Japan's master sound generator, DJ Krush. NAHARIAMA continues the thrust forward. This time with guests - cornetist, Graham Haynes (son of jazz icon, drummer, Roy Haynes), keyboardist, Robert Burger (John Zorn, Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson), Senegalese master percussionist, Aiyb Dieng with DJ Krush returning. Hard Drum 'n' Bass, Space-Dub, Mutant-Funk - courtesy of Bernie Worrell (Funkadelic), flashes of electric Miles Davis drift across Ambient soundscapes over a massive low-end assault below. Disorder with a meaningful coherence of detail and urgent resonance. Future music with a past and present, NAHARIAMA 4th Column...more to follow.

Code Woo Redux
Anachronizer Reloaded
Dark Rain
Quantum Clash

Dub Arcanum Arcandrum

Bill Laswell, Prefuse 73, Scientist, Dr. Israel, Mad Professor, Perdurabo 6, MRC Riddims, Sub Code

The circle is now complete (sort of). The third release is a revisit (remix and dub style) of the first two passages in the Method of Defiance experience - Jahbulon and Incunabula. The remixers were chosen for their forward thinking as well as for their catalogue of previous remix experience. Scientist starts it off with a retouching of the single 'One World' and later re-enters with a ganja smoked up version of 'Herb Is Burnin'', titled 'Herb 4' (dub style, of course). He even throws in a disordered ordered mix of 'One World' at the end for good measure. Prefuse 73 pushes his space-age hip-hop way in, via the future, with his take on a piece from Incunabula. Mad Professor stumbles in dubbin' his ass off. SubCode, a Moroccan remixer we have been chasing for a while, remixes (as if his life depended on it) the Hawk track 'Do or Die'. Dr. Israel remixes two tracks, one of his and one of Hawk's. This is something we wish he would do more of, the man can remix damn it. MRC Riddims, the production/DJ team of Oktopus (dalek) & MRC (from Ifwhen & All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors), join in with a reshaping of 'Elijah's Lament' done all Krooklyn style. Bill Laswell, not to be upstaged, contributes two mixes from Incunabula - a dub out and an ambient version of 'Quantum Echo'. Perdurabo 6, via the Basque speaking part of Spain, gives his almost 6 minute take on 'One World' - quite pleasant really.

01 One World - The Scientist Remix
02 Encode Armour Feed Version 1 - Prefuse 73 Remix
03 Elijah's Lament - Mad Professor Remix
04 Do Or Die - Subcode Remix
05 Elijah's Lament - MRC Riddims Remix
06 Taykeovah Version - Dr. Israel Remix
07 Herb 4 - The Scientist Remix
08 Quantum Echo Apparition - Bill Laswell Remix
09 No Salvation Version - Dr. Israel Remix
10 Quantum Echo Entombment Dub - Bill Laswell Remix
11 One World First Claim Version - Perdurabo 6 Remix
12 One World Disorder Dub - The Scientist Remix


Dub is the Word that light writes in space

Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrell, Toshinori Kondo, Guy Licata, DJ Krush, Dr. Israel, Herbie Hancock

Re-channeling projected scans of raw beginnings. Massive dub, drum & bass, ambient, iconoclast, avant/jazz funk, spontaneous improvisation. Bill Laswell: bass, Bernie Worrell: keyboards, Guy Licata: drums, Dr. Israel: dub fx.

A non-stop medley of musical interaction featuring Japanese turntable master DJ Krush & on electric trumpt, Japan's own sound and fury - Toshinori Kondo. With a special appearance by keyboard legend Herbie Hancock.

A total sound/music experience

01 Code Woo - Condensed Fiction / Volunteered Slavery
02 Anachronizer (Asteroid B449) feat. Herbie Hancock
03 Quantum Echo (Sub/Conscious)
04 Umi No Soko
05 Codeplan Armoured (Stimulation Assassination)
06 Shadows Of Woo (Re-Entering)


Change is the Will to change

Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrell, Hawk, Guy Licata, Dr. Israel

Ten songs featuring vocalists Dr. Israel and Hawkman, keyboardist/Funkadelic icon Bernie Worrell, legendary bassist/producer Bill Laswell and post modern/futurist drummer, Guy Licata. Immediately accessible.

Hard and heavy with obvious commercial/danceable appeal reflecting the current Jamaican movement and beyond.

A sonic, aesthetic mind and body experience, at once structured, spontaneous, precise, random, brash, beautiful and above all ... unforgivable. In the present age which prefers the sign to the sgnified, the copy to the original, representation to reality, the appearance to the essence, only truth is sacred, not illusion.

01 Patterns of War
02 Salvation
03 One World
04 Do Or Die
05 Revolution
06 Herb Is Burnin'
07 Elijah's Lament
08 No Justice
09 TaykeOvah
10 Diss Never